Solved-Deprecated Elementor Error

Deprecated Elementor Error | Solution

Hey All!! We all are ready with Elementor 3.2 Updates. And with that a lot of User Are Facing many compatibility issues with the updates.

You might be facing issues with:

  1. Plugins
  2. Theme
  3. Any version Mismatch


Solved-Deprecated Elementor Error

Effect of Error

These are the errors which you might face:

  1. WordPress plugins might stop working.
  2. Website indentation is disturbed.
  3. Facing Deprecated error.
  4. Website is not getting open.

What is the Solution for Deprecated error?

Are you tired of searching solutions? Here are the easy steps for this error.

  1. Open the file mentioned in the error :
    Deprecated: Elementor\Scheme_Color is deprecated since version 2.8.0! Use Elementor\Core\Schemes\Color instead. in /var/www/site-name/wp-includes/functions.php on line 5049
  2. Check for Parameter in the function.
  3. There will be a parameter that is true.
  4. Change it to False.
  5. Error Solved.


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